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WSF Anime Society

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PLEASE READ Nov. 25th, 2005 @ 02:22 pm
All posts are updated, rather than posting a new post every time something new needs to be added. Suggestions etc. will be updated IN THE POST, which means checking back every now and then. If you don't check back on previous entries you may miss announcements.

Tutors Nov. 25th, 2005 @ 02:17 pm
The tutors have yet to get back to me with anything resembling positive information. I must stress: THIS IS NOT GOOD. If we do not get a tutor present, then the club will have to weasel it's way into tutor's good graces and somehow try to get hold of empty rooms and odd days at odd times and... Well, it's not looking good.

It's now almost two weeks since the message was put up for the tutors and no one has come forward except for one tutor who told me to recruit members from Media.

As if that wasn't obvious?

In any case, we face the dilemma that college may not bother to help us, which means that the running might be impossible.

I will try hounding the Key Skills office for more information, but I'm not hopeful. I may have to resort to threatening tutors, and I don't like doing that.

Guys, if I don't get any feedback by the end of next week, we're going to have to go on a mission to beg tutors to help us. Demeaning and stupid, seeing as the tutors don't even have to have anything to do with the running of the club, they just have to make sure we don't break things...

Watch this space.
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Anime AMV Nov. 18th, 2005 @ 10:27 am
It will probably be impossible to show 2 episodes of every series requested at selection periods (i.e. after every series end or just before).

To try to save time and, in some cases, just have a laugh, an AMV can be submitted to suggest an anime. You don't have to have made this, it can simply be downloaded. The idea is that people can decide from the five minutes or so of footage whether or not they want to watch the two trial episodes.

For example: Mr X has requested, let's say, Chobits. Rather than show 2 episodes of the anime, a waste of valuable time if no one is interested in it, Mr X creates/shows the AMV, trying to make it as appealing as possible. The group can then decide whether or not they wish to watch the anime or abandon it.

Seeing as we only have an hour twenty a week, where as most anime clubs have about four hours, we have to do whatever we can to save wasted time.

AMVs should be burnt to a disc on on a USB memory stick, and in a high quality format. (.avi, .mpeg, .wmv, .rm but NOT .ogm, they are too difficult to get to play. The codecs often won't stick to Windows Media Player.)

AMVs don't have to be beautifully crafted, merely well-selected clips (spoiler free too please). A great place to download them from is AnimeMusicVideo.Org.

Banners Nov. 18th, 2005 @ 02:48 pm
Banners have been added in the user info page. Please feel free to create your own also. Just a little additional thing for the society that you can put in your journals or user info pages. Notice that I've mainly used anime that are on the short list? I will be doing more as time progresses. On my 'To Do' list is:

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Rapture TV Nov. 16th, 2005 @ 03:01 pm
Rapture TV has finally launched! Available for free on Sky TV, Rapture TV is on channel 288. The schedule promises to show two anime series, Wolf's Rain and Fullmetal Alchemist (hence why they aren't on the anime suggestion list.) The schedules are as follows:

Wolf's Rain - 8:30 pm Thursdays
Fullmetal Alchemist - 8:30 pm Tuesdays

The official website for Rapture TV can be found here if you wish to check out their other programmes.
Other entries
» Suggestions
Please post all suggestions under this post! This post will be edited regularly, as people suggest more and more anime or ideas to this, we will update and tell you why your idea has/has not been accepted and make sure that everyone is made aware of the changes! If your idea is rejected, please remember that we must conform to all college and legal guidelines. (Only up to PG-15 rated anime etc).

Anime Short ListCollapse )

Other things to consider are:

SUBS VS DUBS! Would you prefer subtitled anime in the original language or would you prefer dubbed in English?

Licenced VS Fansubs! Do you object to fansubs? (Obviously, those who prefer dubs will.)


Elfen Lied - Despite the fact that it DID get through the censorship, I think that as it will be our first term, it's probably for the best that we show... slightly more tame anime. Elfen Lied is explicit, and despite the fact that, yes, we're all of age... We want to make as many people comfortable as possible. Perhaps later in the year?
Excel Saga - Will be shown towards the end of the year or beginning of next. Although I despise Excel Saga with a passion, I'll admit that most anime fans don't, so, yes, it will be shown, just not yet.

Don't Ask For

Fullmetal Alchemist: There are many reasons. Firstly, my copy of FMA is a badly subbed (and I mean virtually unwatchable) DVD where only about 1 in 8 episodes work. It's impossible to get hold of the DVDs we need, because not all volumes have been released in the UK yet. It's also being currently run on TV, so there's no point showing a series when it's on TV at the same time...

Naruto: Not only is Naruto as boring as hell as soon as it gets to the Chuunin Exams, it's overplayed and doesn't really have much by way of an engaging plot. Yes, it's a fan favourite, that's marked by the fact that no one wanted to dub the series because nearly every person who would have bought the DVD had downloaded it. Let's just say that, despite the fact I do like the characters in Naruto and will promptly fangirl any Shikamaru piece of merchandise I can find, it isn't the kind of anime for a weekly showing.

Loveless: Well, for one, it's Shounen-ai, and not everyone will be comfortable with that. But more importantly, I can't get hold of the fansubs. All the mirrors I try appear to be either maxed out or Loveless has ceased to be held there. Kitty boys have become popular recently, and if someone can supply the subs then fine, but Loveless is just one of those animes that seems to be for the fangirls and... well, not much else...

Battle Vixens: While fanservice is all good, an entire series based on it isn't.

Anything Obscenely Long: Sailor Moon, One Piece, Naruto, Yugioh, Dragonball and all the rest are just too long to show. And I'm talking about subs here, because there's no way that I would ever watch One Piece in dub. We don't have that many meets, and showing 250+ eps of One Piece or Sailor Moon just won't happen.

Live Action!!!

Is anyone interested in Live Action? I'm not talking about the pron either. With the Evangelion LiveAction movie on the horizon (although halted, I must admit) I was wondering if anyone was interested in the already out there LiveAction series? Even if the Sailor Moon LA does resemble Power Rangers just a little, and GTO isn't as good as the anime, if anyone would like to see Live Action added to the list, don't hesitate to ask. Of course, many people don't even know that LA exists...

In any case, Azumi and Azumi 2 will most likely be shown. (We're pretending they're PG-15, okay?)

OVAs and Movies

For the first meeting it is unlikely that much anime will be watched. Subs Vs Dubs and other things will have to be discussed and we'll have to start the process of deciding actually what we want to watch. We'll also have to introduce people to each other and all the other stuff. On days where time is cut short, or for the first few sessions where we'll be too busy trying to do other things to really get much done by breaking into a series, I thought that movies and OVAs would be best.

Blood: The Last Vampire: Short and sweet (heh), Blood would be good as a session filler. It only runs for 45 mins and it's not exactly taxing on the brain.

Sakura Taisen: (Only on fansub) Another mecha anime with pretty girls. It didn't really capture my attention but compared to most anime movies, it's pretty decent... Especially compared to:

X: Which is quite possibly the worst anime film ever. But then again, I'm a fan of the actual series, and I hated the way they massacred the plot. In any case, it's here because it's easy to dip in and out of.

Akira: Need I say more?

Azumi: Live Action adaptation of Yu Koyama's manga of the same name. Very good with some interesting characters, well choreographed fight scenes and a very pretty girl in the lead ^^ (Always a bonus!) While the acting can seem wooden at times, Azumi manages Live Action better than most... Plenty of blood and a life-like portrayal of Japan pre-Edo.
» Welcome To The WSF Anime Society
This community has been set up to support the WSF Anime Society to act as a newsgroup. Here we will post up what will be showing each week, synopsis of episodes that were shown the previous week (in case people missed it), opportunities for people to discuss changes to the group and suggest things, as well as many other things.

As a new club, we are aware that there are probably a lot of questions on your mind. You probably wish to know many things, such as when, where, who, what, how and (some of you at least) why.

When: We are currently organising a set day with tutors. We are having problems securing a data projector, as it would mean a member of staff will have to supervise. It will take place during an 1 hour 20 minute period, either on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. If a day is tremendously inconvenient and you are really passionate about joining the club, dates can be changed, or perhaps extra screenings of anime held 'unofficially' in the LRC. This could only be for about 2 people however (due to noise levels). If the chosen day turns out to be inconvenient to a majority of anime fans, we will reschedule for a different day or consider other times. (First thing in the morning on Thursday for example...)

Where: We will be looking for rooms with a data projector. Depending on the tutor we are assigned, I am thinking it will alter the room. It's most likely that we'll be using a media studies room, although I can't be quoted on that.

Who: I'm Kate Williams, the club President. I'm the moderator on this. We are currently taking on staff, we really need an event organizer (for outside college meets - anime movies at Vue - cosplaying for charity etc) and a vice-President to stand in when I'm not around. A treasurer would be nice, because we are going to be relying on donations to buy in DVDs. Unlike some anime clubs, we are running for free. This means we cannot afford to spend £120 per series for licenced DVDs.

What: Well, japanese animation, japanese culture, hong kong cinema, manga, manwha, and just about everything else. I'm hoping to do parapara workshops later on in the year and if there is interest in a particular field, getting in guest speakers (HA!) and offering other workshops.

How and Why: How and Why? Well, how: we'll be advertising all over college, hopefully with posters and business cards. We'll be trying to get as many people as possible in the first meeting. Why? Because we want to. That is quite simple, isn't it?

Please drop back for updates on days, times and the anime selected.
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