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Welcome To The WSF Anime Society Nov. 15th, 2005 @ 08:42 pm Next Entry
This community has been set up to support the WSF Anime Society to act as a newsgroup. Here we will post up what will be showing each week, synopsis of episodes that were shown the previous week (in case people missed it), opportunities for people to discuss changes to the group and suggest things, as well as many other things.

As a new club, we are aware that there are probably a lot of questions on your mind. You probably wish to know many things, such as when, where, who, what, how and (some of you at least) why.

When: We are currently organising a set day with tutors. We are having problems securing a data projector, as it would mean a member of staff will have to supervise. It will take place during an 1 hour 20 minute period, either on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. If a day is tremendously inconvenient and you are really passionate about joining the club, dates can be changed, or perhaps extra screenings of anime held 'unofficially' in the LRC. This could only be for about 2 people however (due to noise levels). If the chosen day turns out to be inconvenient to a majority of anime fans, we will reschedule for a different day or consider other times. (First thing in the morning on Thursday for example...)

Where: We will be looking for rooms with a data projector. Depending on the tutor we are assigned, I am thinking it will alter the room. It's most likely that we'll be using a media studies room, although I can't be quoted on that.

Who: I'm Kate Williams, the club President. I'm the moderator on this. We are currently taking on staff, we really need an event organizer (for outside college meets - anime movies at Vue - cosplaying for charity etc) and a vice-President to stand in when I'm not around. A treasurer would be nice, because we are going to be relying on donations to buy in DVDs. Unlike some anime clubs, we are running for free. This means we cannot afford to spend £120 per series for licenced DVDs.

What: Well, japanese animation, japanese culture, hong kong cinema, manga, manwha, and just about everything else. I'm hoping to do parapara workshops later on in the year and if there is interest in a particular field, getting in guest speakers (HA!) and offering other workshops.

How and Why: How and Why? Well, how: we'll be advertising all over college, hopefully with posters and business cards. We'll be trying to get as many people as possible in the first meeting. Why? Because we want to. That is quite simple, isn't it?

Please drop back for updates on days, times and the anime selected.
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